Presidents changed the destiny of America

Throughout the development of American history stretches for nearly twenty-five decades. Going through many changes in the history of ups and downs and glorious development today, it is thanks to the hands of building and developing of so many generations of people who went before.
Representing the splendor and development that is the model of skyscrapers in big cities. The formation of modern urban areas, the continuous improvement of the world's most advanced science and technology. Today the whole world admires that formation and development throughout 244 years of history.
To prove it and why Mi people do such incredible work. What we do not have to worry about is the change of time, changing specific strategic policies through periods of great landmark milestones of the supreme leader or the policy era of the President.
The President holds the supreme role in the development of the country, who created the balance for the whole people, since the foundation of the nation until the development of the economy or the foundation of science and technology, foundation. about democratic power.
Why is the average term of each President only four to eight years in the role of holding the supreme position, but they have created such extraordinary greatness ... and now we to go to the presidents who made the historic turning point today.
Washington Is the representative for America. He laid the first foundation for the independence of sovereignty, who created a pioneer for the development of the country from the dominance of the British army. He is a person who has built up institutions, constitution, people and the right to freedom of equality, independence and freedom, for the aspiration of life and to make the country one of the great powers. in the world, playing shoulder-to-shoulder roles such as Britain, France and Germany.
In order to create a United States in the leading role as today in economics in the world position, thanks to that history, it is Abraham Lincoln.
Before a long civil war, the North Vietnamese army won, creating a major change in the democratic role. The country was united, Slavery was abolished. Instead, the formation of the working class. That change has created leading corporations and factories in the world. His new policy mechanism is a pioneering step for major industrial industries to grow. Typically, Cainerger Iron and Steel. Rockefeller Petroleum Railway and Vanderbilt's train development, Ford cars, JP Morgan's financial and electric technology ... There are also many other big names to create a mighty America. New York, Chicago became the biggest city in turn, Bridges across the Mississippi River were built to circulate goods between the East and West. Dams are formed to develop agricultural science. The United States has become a pioneering role in infrastructure technology around the world, becoming a military and financial leader.
The country's rapid and overwhelming growth has gone beyond government control. The state's policy at the time was at stake and was in the hands of Capital's decision-makers. They launched themselves with farmers and workers, the government apparatus was ineffective and depended on the arrangement to direct until Ruddy became President, everything in the country had a transfer. change, creating a new step for development. His construction of an antitrust policy has reduced and repelled the domination and monopoly of the capitalists to the masses.

Not only do well and keep the popular role of the masses. During his tenure, the Americans created an amazing job to this day. That is the completion of the Panama Canal. A arterial canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans creates a new change in America's commodity economy as an international commercial maritime business, shortening the distance of trade. on the sea. The exploitation and export industry has been promoted and expanded to international markets. The form of equitization and joint business has been popularly developed and until today.
Faced with an ongoing economic downturn and Japanese military encroachment on the Pacific front and what is happening is the confrontation with the Second World War. In a platform with many job roles, he gradually created a change in policies. Such as economic and financial policies of banks, policies on unemployment, policies on agriculture, policies on industry, workers and policies to support the poor, lonely and disabled people ... Mr. calling on the masses to overthrow the Japanese imperialist invasion, calling for soldiers to participate in the European battlefield to dispel the invasion of the German army an

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Before the fate of the world in the danger of war, German, Italian and Jifronts from Europe to Asia. His appeal is a glorious statement that helps close the bloody battle for humangity against the massacre of fascism. The closing of the war of the economic crisis has created much bigger steps in the world of technology and economy like today, the development of space technology, information technology, and science is going. Come explore new paths, find galaxies, find aliens.
It is not that all that is today is a society created by you. But history has proved that. It is the four biggest turning points in the formation and development of America until today!
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